A creative marketing and video production agency is home to Zaahi Studios.Facilities, a DIY production space and community with a rich mix of film industry businesses and innovative companies.



1. Founded in 2008 as a video production company with a clear focus on telling the true startup stories of our clients. Before launching, the studio wanted a name that would fit its ideas and not anything standard. The name Zaahi Studios (Za-He) was born, meaning "Community" which the studio values most in its work.

2. The butterfly logo represents the metamorphosis of the client's business as they began their creative journey with us. The company's portfolio represents companies from many industries and multiple sectors.

3. Putting our values to work, In 2016 we relocated our north-side Indy office to a 10,000 sq.ft downtown warehouse building. This gave the studio more creative capabilities for its clients and paved the way for it to began to lift up and empower young, voices so that, they can see that their stories matter.


Founded in 2008, Zaahi Studios (Za-he Studios) is a local creative marketing and video production company with five primary businesses we call our brands:  Zaahi Studios.Digital, Facilities, Creator Space, Youth Film Club, and Zaahi Studios.Story Group.


Zaahi Studios provides clients with digital marketing assets that focus on its client’s startup success story through high-quality video production while using

print marketing and web development to attract online customers with creative ad campaigns under the Zaahi Studios.Digital brand.



Mike Camphor

Co-Founder, President, Chief Executive Officer and Creative Digital Communications

Daniel Sung

Co-Founder, Vice President, Corporate Communications Executive Officer and Studio Governance & Regulatory Manager

Laura Vonholle

New Talent Coordinator and Model Development

Clark Howard

Junior Digital Development Officer of Entertainment & Video and Camera Operator

Stephanie Butler

Creative Producer Communications - Community Impact Communications

The Client

The Community

The Space

“This is a very exciting time for our company, as we chart the future of digital content making,” said Mike Camphor, President of Zaahi Studios. “We have one of the most enviable collections of media resources and services currently in our market. Capitalizing on these key strengths, we are taking a unique approach that brings great value to our clients and customers worldwide.”


Mike Camphor

“We will provide customers with a destination that goes beyond studio rentals and office space, producing a variety of content that serves our community,” said Daniel Sung, Vice President and Client Relations.” By partnering with organizations like Riley Children’s Hospital and delivering timely and positive content like Production Junction airing on CCTV Channel 5, Zaahi Studios is uniquely bringing a pulse to the local digital marketplace.”


  Daniel Sung

With 11 years in creating digital solutions for clients large and small in many sectors, in 2017, we felt the need to stay true to our mission by becoming a resource for colleges, universities, and other creators in our great country.


4. Branding

For your company, a product or service, we create the original visual identity of your brand through the creation of your logo and its graphics.

5. Website

With fast turnaround time and creative design techniques, your company can rely on us to deliver the most powerful tailor-made website and solutions.

6. Video Production

Combining your website with video is a game changer. It's why we have invested heavily into camera equipment and software to ensure you have one of best stories to attract new customers.


The best part of filmmaking is to pass it on to the next generation of storytellers. Throughout the VIP Tours you will experience the amazing work of our studio as we guide you through the world of film and TV.


The Zaahi Studios. VIP Experiences include priority all-access to production sound stages, a live show during the tour (based on itinerary), and behind-the-scenes experiences.