Is starts with the goal of working together to drive ourselves and our community to always be creative, innovative and competitive.







Our mission: is to make a positive impact in our communities through initiatives that encourage youth to be storytellers, create production access and opportunities for new voices, and drive sustainable production.

Community Impact

As a company that leads with storytelling, we are uniquely positioned to educate, entertain, and empower young creative minds. Here at Zaahi Studios, we are committed to bringing together diverse communities and inspiring our clients, audiences, and team to make a positive impact. We focus our efforts in three areas:

  • Making a difference in our communities through studio experiences and leadership development


  • Increasing filmmaking access and expanding digital skills within our communities


  • Leveraging our membership storytelling platforms to introduce our audiences to local productions and ignite conversations about critical issues that shape our state.


Our Values in Action:


At Zaahi Studios we want to lift up and empower young voices so that they can see that their ideas and stories matter.

Creative empowerment has an incredible ability to transform the way we learn in the real world. We see this happening every day through our interactions with schools, youth organization, and our communities, and continue to be inspired to make the world of digital media more accessible to everyone.


Casting into Action


Casting to Action, a program developed in partnership with Riley Children's Heath and Zaahi Studios's Creative Talent Membership, provides a production studio inspired curriculum for sixth grade middle school students to adult actors and actress that reinforces the core values of storytelling – confidence, empathy and creativity.


Our Studio Experience


As home to some of the world’s most renowned stories and storytellers, we believe that having the right tools to share your unique perspectives isn’t just important, it’s a superpower. At Zaahi Studios we want to lift up and empower young voices so that they can see that their ideas matter.

College in The Studio


College professors and instructors from surrounding institutions can collaborate with Zaahi Studios to create, develop, and promote a series of learning tutorials and demonstrations in a real production studios to teach subjects such as lighting, storyboarding, acting and the art of the filmmaking process.

Working with local youth organization and representatives from Mary Riggs Neighborhood Center, our team developed a VIP Group Tour Experience that introduced kids to the world of filmmaking. This video captures the unique spirit of the day and highlights how the project came together at Zaahi Studios.

Our Values in Action:



Our partnership with Riley Hospital for Children is to entertain, inform and inspire young kids through television programming providing unparalleled storytelling. This reflects our commitment to teaching the next generation essential values of teamwork, respect, and promote the idea of never giving up.


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