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The Academy for Acting to Film offers High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Actors, and Actresses an exciting platform to showcase their talents.
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Riley Kids
Full Scale Productions Work alongside our professional production crew and producers to bring the show to life. Use Your Talent For Good Volunteer and mentor young students by working alongside new voices to create amazing stories. Build A Quality Portfolio Use the amazing work that you create with us in your portfolio or reel. Find Real Job Opportunities We are a working studio that provides acting jobs in the creative industry. As a member, you'll gain relationships with our top producers.
Use Your Talent For Good Your membership comes with volunteer opportunities
We have partnerships with organizations, businesses, and caregiver institutions to share and distribute our content directly to their network of 300,000 viewers. We believe partnerships like Riley Children Hospital and the CCTV channel are key stepping stones into a local market. The Network Channel CCTV is home to our first running show Production Junction with jam-packed laughter and excitement that brings smiles to kids face's everyday. Once you join, you'll be a part of a group of talented individuals that shares a common goal to create everlasting content for the communities of Indianapolis. In 2021, more hit shows like Production Junction will air on the Riley Children Hospital Channel.
We deliver and broadcast through network channels like Riley Children Hospital's CCTV to improve lives.
Everything You Need To Build A Quality Portfolio


For Actors & Actresses Gain access to recognized and credited TV shows and local Films. $29.99 / (billed monthly) $19.99 / (billed monthly) Students only


Student Actors & Actresses Gain core skills as you learn in production venue. (No Classes) $12.99 / (billed monthly)


Be a part of The Crew Become a production crew member to help with lighting, camera, writing, and more. At no cost (billed never)
Looking to do even more? Contact us to talk about how we can help you build a personal brand. As a leading creative marketing agency we enjoy helping creative people gain credibility through web design and personal reels.

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